Win more Sales: My 7-Figure Sales Introduction

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by Peter Strohkorb, Internationally Acclaimed Authority on Customer-Centric Sales and Marketing in B2B.

Who is this Course for?

Are you in Sales and want to earn seven-figures in sales revenue?
Then this course is for you!


Buyers tell me that they lose interest and move on if a salesperson can not capture their interest in the first 15 seconds. 

So you need a way to introduce your business to new prospects in a way that: 

  • is quick
  • delivers a clear value proposition 
  • solicits immediate interest

 The 7-Figure Introduction does all that for you.  


It's quick and clever: This online course will ask you a few questions and will then reveal your own 7-Figure Sales Introduction constructed from your own answers. It's like magic!

What will I get?

  • My professional value proposition
  • The specific words to introduce myself and my business to a buyer or prospect that gets their immediate attention and makes them just want to know more
  • A deeper understanding of my ideal customers
  • What to do to move my sale forward from my introduction
  • How to fill my sales pipeline with high-quality leads

It only takes a few minutes. So, what are you waiting for?


Peter Strohkorb

International Sales & Marketing Expert

Peter Strohkorb Consulting


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$9.97 USD

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